The Deal with the Blog

This blog is a continuation of, a jointly-written, non-fiction account of protagonists Jaco (pronounced: Big Jake) and I on our bicycle jaunt from Oporto, Portugal, Europe, to Beihai, China, Asia.

Our paths have since sundered. We both went south, but I went a bit faster. I arrived on December 1, 2011 in Perth, Australia, Australia. This blog will follow me, Jaco has no authorship claim here, as zig some zags on my journey North, South, and East across the Australian minicontinent.

During the writing of supercontinental, I received some complaints and inquiries about the lack of photos. Photos are hard, tedious, and slow to upload to this website, but easy, fast and fun! to upload to If you don't have a facebook account, email the complaints department or better, post a comment, and they'll get in touch with you about how to view photos.